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I wish this piece had spent more time on the art of "Making Sure They Work Well Together." This is huge -- and underappreciated by 95% of founders. Here are four dimensions that would be worth exploring in a subsequent post:

Who does what? What happens when we disagree? What are the ground rules for revisiting a decision? Do we understand one another's approach to time management, prioritizing, delivery targets, conflict resolution, etc.

Members of the early-stage leadership team aren't clones. There will be differences. Can we calibrate smoothly, or will we forever need to "talk it out"? When there's a lot of churn in the founding team, usually it's because one of these four issues isn't being handled well. In severe cases, cycling new people into the job just starts the fail loop afresh -- no matter how amazing each new candidate might be.

Good point. I'd specifically mention how incentives interact with each other. Conflicting incentives across teams and team members is always a problem, but it is crippling for a company if it goes all the way to the top.

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