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That your biggest objection to the Nazis is their supposed socialism is a pretty big red flag.

Your "alt right" position on Jews is precisely that of anti-Semites and Nazis. They too called for the "exclusion if not elimination" of my people.

You should be banned from HN. I will say that in no uncertain terms. You are a hateful person calling for the mass deportation of citizens and threatening "much worse selections on the menu" if that isn't fast enough for you.

Nobody is suggesting that you should be forced out of the country and/or into gas chambers. Get a reality check. Your racist ideology is totally non-sensical: if I didn't tell you, you would have no idea that I wasn't yet another of your favored Aryan whites, yet you still want to deport and/or murder me.

The one thing I'll commend you for is that you post these comments under your real name. That way I can be sure I never work with you.

This is the worst comment I have ever read on Hacker News.

One of the things that keeps me coming back to HN is the Pavlovian feed of new information. I never know when I'm going to learn something new here.

So, I didn't think the worst comment on HN would come from you, nor did I think it would be so calmly written, or so superficially civil. But I've learned something new. It turns out that a calm, carefully written appeal for direct ethnic violence by an adult is more horrible than any unhinged edgy "alt-right" rant by a teenager.

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