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Haha - I've run into exactly this problem writing games in HTML5 and JavaScript. I was all smug thinking, "Hah - screw these Flash guys and their stupid loading progress bars because of all that dreadful Flash bloat. I'll show them!"

Except, of course, I didn't, did I?

Because most of that bloat is actually game assets (graphics, textures, sound effects, music, oh, and time spent churning out procedurally generated content), and not just the useless crap I thought it probably was(1), so it makes no difference what you're using as a platform, and you still end up with a progress bar (basically). The code on its own comes down in a flash, but that's only a part of the equation, and in terms of load/initialisation time, not a big part.

Still, what I never do is display a pop-up prompting the user to install Flash, or Unity, or Java, or whatever, which is a definite improvement.

(1) In fairness I do download all sfx and music in the background, so you don't have to wait for them all to load before you can start playing.

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