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Cool, but I would call this a cheatsheet. Almost the inverse of a cookbook, which I think of as a set of "how tos" for tasks you want to accomplish.

Yeah. Don't suppose anybody has the equivalent of an actual "cookbook"? It would be a great resource for helping to skill up product owners on A/B and multivariant testing when they don't have a math-heavy background.

"The Seventh Edition of Introduction to Statistical Quality Control provides a comprehensive treatment of the major aspects of using statistical methodology for quality control and improvement." http://a.co/5xRV2UE

Covers: Hypothesis testing (single population), Analysis of variance (multiple populations), Control charts, Design of Experiments (A/B testing and beyond).

Edit: Used in the undergraduate industrial & systems engineering program at USC when I was a student. The 7th edition has various cook book style walkthroughs.

This was used at NC State in the industrial & systems engineering program, too. Very good book.

Ironically I used to title it "cheatsheet" but then switched to "cookbook" when the document was extending beyond +25 pages. I don't mind going back to "cheatsheet". Feel free to submit a pull request.

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