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How does a neo-Nazi end up with more karma than me on Hacker news?

You should be banned from here. Seriously. Advocating that Jews be "excluded if not eliminated from society" is hate speech.

It greatly disappoints me that the HN moderators apparently think it's okay to leave virulent anti-semitism unchecked.

I am Jewish. I have never been to Israel. America is my home. Why do you want to tear that away from me?

> It greatly disappoints me that the HN moderators apparently think it's okay to leave virulent anti-semitism unchecked.

We don't come close to seeing all the comments here, so that's not a valid conclusion to draw. The likeliest explanation in such cases is that we haven't seen the post yet.

You're right.

I apologize for assuming that you had seen the comment and for believing hga's assertion that you had reviewed his comments and determined that the good made up for the bad. This was entirely my mistake, and is probably a testament to the effectiveness of a veneer of respectability over cold-blooded hatred.

That a long-time commentator could call for ethnic cleansing of myself and my family upset me greatly and I apologize for letting that emotional reaction extend to the moderators.

If you would like to remove this subthread, feel free. I don't want people incorrectly assuming that HN mods don't care.

I 100% know you are working in good faith and I thank you for what you do--the profusion of straight-up white supremacy (notable over the usual stew of MRA nonsense and generally reprehensible race politics) over the last few months has started to make me wonder if this phenomenon on HN is important enough to y'all for you to be paying it the attention it deserves in order to effectively combat it. I started using my favorite-comments list as a hall of shame, and mostly gave up after, like, two days because there were way, way too many of them to actually pick up on 'cause it really is all over the place.

I appreciate what you're saying in this subthread, but from below, the infection has to this point seemed to largely pass by the proprietorship. And it's some bad shit, so that's pretty worrying! Of course, I am a very biased observer, and I'm certainly not suggesting you take what I'm saying as Gospel but merely anecdotal experience...but I know I'm not the only one in this subtree who's getting this vibe, 'cause we've talked about it off-HN.

I banned two accounts in this thread as soon as I saw what they had posted, so I think your impression is probably a mix of us interpreting some of these comments differently (though probably not the worst ones, such as here) and simply not seeing the same comments.

When it comes to interpreting, we try (hard) to give users the benefit of the doubt. That does leaves room for comments that suck, but the alternatives that I'm aware of would suck worse.

Two things that override the benefit of the doubt are (a) when someone is using HN primarily for politics or ideology, and (b) when we warn someone or ask them to use the site as intended and they still don't change. If you notice cases of that, or cases where we need to be warning someone and haven't yet, those are what we most appreciate having brought to our attention. I skimmed through both your 'favorite' comments and flagged comments lists and didn't see any clear cases of these.

Please try to at least crack down on the most consistently hateful users.

Do you email the mods about the worst comments?

EDIT: (I didn't downvote you, btw)

I emailed the mods about this comment thread. In retrospect, that should have been my first action (instead of commenting under the assumption that they had seen it).

Your question was most likely rhetorical, but here goes: hga has had a lot of non-political comments on the site as well, and been on the site over twice as long as you have. That's a lot of time to gather karma.

They've been recently called out by the HN mods: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12994342

Yea, my question was more rhetorical.

For the record, I think it is a problem that someone can consistently drop hateful political rhetoric (I looked through hga's history) essentially without repercussions. It looks like he has some perfectly fine technical contributions, but that shouldn't be an excuse to regularly derail threads with hateful commentary.

Any new account which displayed hga's history of political commentary would be summarily banned. I'm skeptical that HN should allow such commentary to continue just because it comes from the same account that has technically good content.

I was purely providing a speculative explanation, not a justification. Nor do I think some calculus balancing good posts versus bad posts is being done by the mods. If you read me as implying either, that wasn't in any way my intent nor my position.

Sorry, I didn't think you were arguing that at all. I'm mostly just venting about the level of hate which so many humans are seemingly capable of (and how few resources the rest of us have to combat it).

Nor do I think some calculus balancing good posts versus bad posts is being done by the mods.

It is, though, based on ... dang's comments I think, in a previous incident.

They to date don't appear to believe that I "consistently drop hateful political rhetoric" nor to I believe I do, and I certainly try to avoid "regularly derail[ing] threads". Take this discussion, for example, what I've had to say is pretty much by definition on topic in a topic about "White Nationalism"

Please don't confuse our not seeing all the comments with endorsements of what we don't see.


That your biggest objection to the Nazis is their supposed socialism is a pretty big red flag.

Your "alt right" position on Jews is precisely that of anti-Semites and Nazis. They too called for the "exclusion if not elimination" of my people.

You should be banned from HN. I will say that in no uncertain terms. You are a hateful person calling for the mass deportation of citizens and threatening "much worse selections on the menu" if that isn't fast enough for you.

Nobody is suggesting that you should be forced out of the country and/or into gas chambers. Get a reality check. Your racist ideology is totally non-sensical: if I didn't tell you, you would have no idea that I wasn't yet another of your favored Aryan whites, yet you still want to deport and/or murder me.

The one thing I'll commend you for is that you post these comments under your real name. That way I can be sure I never work with you.

This is the worst comment I have ever read on Hacker News.

One of the things that keeps me coming back to HN is the Pavlovian feed of new information. I never know when I'm going to learn something new here.

So, I didn't think the worst comment on HN would come from you, nor did I think it would be so calmly written, or so superficially civil. But I've learned something new. It turns out that a calm, carefully written appeal for direct ethnic violence by an adult is more horrible than any unhinged edgy "alt-right" rant by a teenager.

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