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I'm currently using the skylake nuc, all maxed out. That's dual Samsung 950 pro in raid0 and 32gb ram. Plus when I get home I hook it up to a razor core with gtx1080 inside. The only problems that I see are raid drivers for rapid storage controller and the fact that it can't draw power through the Core's thunderbolt connection. Windows 10 is currently the host os with ubuntu running in virtualbox.

I was concerned after reading this article.

Skull Canyon Graphics Output Problem https://communities.intel.com/thread/102260 https://communities.intel.com/thread/108306

Anyway, it has been trickier to make full use of external GPU without performance sacrifice. NUC has it's own power brick, do you use that or trying to get power supply through USB C port?

From the benchmarks that I've seen you lose about 5-10% of your GPU's performance compared to what you'd get on a pci-e 16x interface.

As for USB-C, I use its thunderbolt3 properties to enable Razer Core. Haven't used it that much as just a usb-c port. My idea was that it would be nice to be able to power it up through something like Razer Core since it has more than enough power output through this port. According to the documents it is not possible with the NUC. Maybe next gen version will provide such a feature.

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