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I bought an XPS 15 a few weeks ago and couldn't be more happier. The build quality is great and an amazing step up from the flimsy XPS I bought 4 years ago. It's a beautiful machine. But, the entire case is a fingerprint magnet though. I recommend some dBrand skins. The "carbon fiber" top cover is the worst. You'll have to carry some cleaning cloth with you. The 1080p screen is awesome. Perfect colors. So good I started editing my photos on this laptop vs my high-end monitors. The keyboard is great. The track pad is great as well. I know there were some driver issues with the track pad. It seems like all is well now. Audio quality is terrible. My older XPS sounded amazing. The screen has very very thin bezel. So because of that the web cam is awkwardly positioned at the bottom of the screen just above the keyboard. So everyone gets to see your chin when you're video conferencing. The battery life is alright. If you want to squeeze more life out of the battery you'll have to start undervolting, which isn't too bad. I run Windows with a couple of VS instances and typically a bunch of Chrome tabs open. I get 6 hours with fairly heavy usage. I get about 9 hours with some undervolting techniques (You can find them online. Lot's of folks doing this). I really suggest the power companion Dell sells as an accessory to this laptop. It'll help get you through the work day. Goes without saying, If you want more battery life do not buy XPS with the 4k screen.

No overheating issues. I haven't even heard the fans yet. So quite and cool so far.

I also love the form factor. It doesn't feel like a 15'' laptop. Overall a great buy. It's not the MacBook Pro but i think it's getting there and it's definitely worth the money.

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