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I have one of these laptops (since Friday):

* ) Batt -- Still tweaking things, I dropped the ubuntu install pretty quick for arch, but I recon 9-10 hours is where I'm sitting atm.

) Headphones sound fine here...

) Wifi Perf? I get ~250mbit on fast.com from my house

The bigger issue is the graphics card whine under high load....

A few more details:

Regarding battery: They mention they could tweak the power consumption from 4,7W to 4W by setting


but that this setting lead to temporary freezes of the picture on the screen for several seconds, so they don't recommend it.

Regarding the headphones they mention that it is worse when running on battery and when using the trackpad (they say it's a mosquito-like noise). They also say that there already is a fix for the audio driver but that it does not work.

As for WiFi: it's OK for for receiving (they measured 300MBit/s) but with sending they only got 29MBit/s.

In conclusion, they also say that except for the HDMI issues with the docking station, all those problems are driver issues which will eventually be fixed, but at the moment it is what it is.

Hmm; I've not tweaked that one -- I'm using:

options i915 semaphores=1 i915_enable_rc6=7 i915_enable_fbc=1 lvds_downclock=1

And things are fine graphics wise -- I'm going to give it a proper run in tomorrow @work and we'll see how it goes.. Played a 1080p film on it earlier with mpv and it ate about 20% -- had brightness at about medium.. Not sure if that's good or not..

4W seems a bit optimistic though doesn't it? I've tweaked things quite a bit, but maybe I'm missing some extra magic or I just don't know the machine enough to know what the baseline is...

I've got skype, spotify, maybe 20 firefox tabs, dozen terms or so, dwm, wpa_sup wifi, and some other stuff, and i'm currently at:

System baseline power is estimated at 11.8 W

Freq Throttling (this isn't controlable, seemingly, and handled by the intel_pstate driver) currently has me on: current CPU frequency: 526 MHz (asserted by call to hardware)

Don't really have a baseline yet -- I can drop a reply in here tomorrow if you're interested in how it holds up with some real use?

I'm disappointed, I own the 9330 model and at the beginning in a quiet room, the coil whine was very distracting.

I don't know if my ears are less sensible or the noise level is diminished but now it doesn't disturb me so much.

This is probably their 4th/5th HW iteration for the XPS model and still they didn't bothered to check for the noise emissions. In their support forum I was baited to wait for a HW solution from a Dell employee that never materialized for what I consider a macroscopic defect... T__T

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