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Powertop I did not know about, just googled and it looks nice, will definitely investigate more.

And the laptop is a few weeks old. I spent 24 hours on Windows just to see how it has changed as I haven't used Windows in about 5 years (used to be 50% Linux, 50% Windows, last 5 years 100% Linux).

I didn't enjoy Windows, and sorely missed i3wm. But in it's favour, the scaling was perfect everywhere, the battery life really blew me away, and it the boot and shut down times were incredible.

I was tempted, for a moment, to consider Hyper-V Linux on Windows 10 Ent, but just went Linux instead. Knowing it has that battery life under Windows means this temptation remains.

`powertop --auto-tune` will turn all power-related settings to their most conservative settings. You can adjust them individually by running `powertop` interactively afterwards.

I would love to see power estimates before and after that command! In my experience it increases battery time by 30-50%.

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