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This is so true. I have the Broadwell laptop, which is great, and the D3100 docking station, which is an utter piece of garbage, for all the reasons above. If you used or tried to use it for even just half an hour, you'd probably resort to even more inflammatory language. For me, it has become a very expensive USB hub. I gave up on it completely when I realized that its USB audio feature locked up the machine.

Thankfully, I found that the XPS13 has a DisplayPort output that is capable of driving two daisy-chained monitors in addition to the internal screen (no mirroring!), even at 2560x1440 on each. I use it with two Dell 27" monitors. They must support DP1.2 for chaining to work. To be fair, there was a regression for hotplug detection from Ubuntu 15.10 to 16.04, but it was recently fixed.

Beware. The Skylake XPS13 has a DP output, but the Kaby Lake XPS13 doesn't seem to.

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