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To be fair, "battery life is fantastically good on Linux, and stupendously good on Windows" doesn't exactly sound like a downside to me.

50% worse is pretty bad no matter how you spin it.

13 hours is still 'good enough'. You could go a full day at work without charging it.

You're completely missing the point. You're paying for double of that battery usage and not getting it.

Imagine if Linux was so unoptimized that it needed twice the CPU cores and RAM; your argument would be that "but it comes with twice as much as the other guys" and ends up being twice as expensive and twice as big.

>>You're completely missing the point. You're paying for double of that battery usage and not getting it.

The point is that the marginal value of that extra time is absolutely negligible for most people.

I'm not sure I really believe any os can actually drive NVMe, 3somethingx1080 touchscreen, 16GB of ram and a quad core 17 for 22 hours with this hw setup while doing anything remotely resembling normal use.....

This machine will be my work luggable, I'm pretty sure it'll hold up all day.

First real run is tomorrow (dev+infra stuphz), I'll drop back in and let you know how it lasted if you're interested?

edit: anyone/any-os

I'm not sure that's true. Do you have data to back that up?

I love Linux as much as the best person but we really gotta get on that power thing.

I don't know, 10 hours of extra battery use on a laptop doesn't seem "absolutely negligible" to me.

10 more hours on 1 hour would be amazing. 10 more hours on 5 hours would be great. 10 more hours on 10 hours would be a fine thing, but most people's working day isn't that long. 10 more hours on 20 hours wouldn't be very useful.

This is the concept of diminishing marginal returns. You cannot look at "10 hours" in isolation; its value is lower when the baseline is higher.

You are impacting battery longevity though.

I'm not sure that someone spending over $1000 for a Developer Edition laptop falls into the "most people" category.

It seems strange to argue that someone buying a workstation device should be okay with half the battery as a Windows user because it's Good Enough.

I've bought these machines for years, at home and at work. I'm definitely not a "most people" in that I've happily used Linux as my desktop environment for the past 20 years. OTOH, I'm very ordinary in my battery requirements. To be honest, at work anything that covers a long meeting is probably 'enough'.

Also, real numbers on Windows are nowhere near 22h: http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/dell-xps-13-battery-life

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