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I don't even remember when I actually used a webcam on a laptop. I'm either in a conference room with dedicated camera, or doing voice-only meetings when traveling.

Remote workers, who represent a growing population of developers, use their webcam daily to chat with colleagues.

some remote workers.

Ive worked remotely for... 7 years now and Ive probably had no more than 10 video calls for work in that time.

My experience is similar; this is definitely a company/team culture thing. At my workplace, if you see someone on camera the assumption is that it's accidental and you should let them know so that they can turn it off.

I've recently switched from project which extensively used Hangouts in meeting rooms into project that uses Lync and dinky Windows machine.

Asides from being much worse experience in terms of dialing in, sharing screens, etc, not seeing faces is so much worse. Inability to see emotions is terrible for team trust. We have 200 facial muscles that carry tons of information. We should use them.

I've worked remote for 3 years and I've never done a video conference call. I go into the office once every two weeks. Not an option for everyone but I'm sure I can't be the only person who works like this

Sure, there may be people who are used to / need to do video from the laptop. FWIW I do work remotely / from home, and I do chat with my coworkers and customers regularly, but we only do voice.

If I needed to do video more often, I'd probably get a dedicated cam anyway, as it works when using external screen with laptop lid closed (which is what I do at home). But sure, that's not an option when traveling.

No one on my remote team uses cameras. Voice only for them. It's their choice.

nope. just voice or chat. when I need video I'm probably in a meeting room with other peoplr joining a remote stand up

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