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I recently got a Benq bl3201pt (32" 4K IPS) and I've been very happy with it. It's great for having a browser w/dev tools open on half the screen and Atom on the other half. The MiniDP, DP, and multiple HDMI connections work well between my desktop and MBP. It works like a professional monitor should, with no fuss. I particularly like the detachable hockey puck remote.

At work I have 2 Asus PA328Qs. It's hit-and-miss plugging them in over MiniDP into my rMBP. They are slow to power up, and I once set the DisplayPort version to 1.1 instead of 1.2 via the menus. The buttons on the back aren't super responsive, and the OSD software seems very undercooked. It took me a good 10 minutes to get the DisplayPort version back to 1.2 because it kept saying "no input" and would turn off. There's a tiny joystick to navigate the menus and the way to toggle between menus isn't obvious (click the joystick to the right when it looks like you can only move up and down, which completely changes the menu options). Overall this monitor is incredibly frustrating for me, and when I get home and plug into the Benq, I'm saddened that $WORK spent a similar amount on the inferior Asus. It's actually massively lowered my opinion of Asus in general, and raised my opinion of Benq, which I had previously thought of as a kind of budget brand, comparable to maybe AOC. I'm now looking for a gaming monitor, and while Asus has some compelling g-sync options, Benq is used in actual e-sports competitions and gets great reviews for that use-case.

TL;DR try a monitor in a store first and try to make sure it doesn't annoy you before making a significant investment in one. I also looked at OLED laptops (mostly the Alienware 13 r3) and ended up getting a used XPS 15 9550 with a maxed out CPU and the 4K IGZO display.

Edit: make sure you understand the issues with OLED burn-in and fading before buying. Especially a laptop. That's why I didn't ultimately get one.

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