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> it was interesting to see that they use emacs

How so? It's a solid piece of software which has been around since forever (since before Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V conventions ever existed). We're all programmers, and Emacs is all about being a programmer's editor.

If you want to see an Emacs-user out-hipster every single web-developer who thought he was cool when he used HTML for his presentations instead of Powerpoint/Keynote... Then watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMoPuv-xXMM

It's incredibly contrived, and incredibly nerdy, yet this, to me, encapsulates so much about what Emacs is. And I love it :)

Wasting time in such contrived approaches that ultimately gain you nothing is part of what Alan Kay talks about.

Programmers have the devious hobby of tackling complexity of their own doing. It isn't praiseworthy, or something to be proud about.

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