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I got the impression "hardware dogma" still happens when I was planning our infrastructure. The datacenter world is still a place where you can spend $36k for something you can get for $1000 if you're not careful. I didn't use Cisco for our switches and some IT guys I talked to acted like I was a heretic. But the decision saved us several thousand dollars and we ended up with a design that was IMHO more reliable than stacking proprietary switches.

The big trick is to make everything redundant (redundant power, network bonding, Ceph instead of a NAS) and not have a SPOF. Then it matters a lot less if anything fails, and you can use cheaper hardware if you need to. That said, I still prefer server grade hardware - just not always the newest or the most brand name.

Unfortunately storage dogma still seems to be a thing for EMC shops. Just try suggesting Ceph over Scale I/O. :-)

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