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> "Data-around-shufflers" would be more appropriate

In the French language we have "calculateur" which is the direct translation of "computer" but only commonly used in the context of scientific computing, and "ordinateur" which is the common name for computers... The meaning of "ordinateur" pretty close to "data-around-shufflers", from latin ordino ‎(“to order, to organize”) - https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ordinateur: "in its application to computing, [ordinateur] was coined by the professor of philology Jacques Perret in a letter dated 16 April 1955, in response to a request from IBM France, who believed the word calculateur was too restrictive in light of the possibilities of these machines (this is a very rare example of the creation of a neologism authenticated by dated letter)"

Great point! Due to the latin origin as you mentioned, in spanish there is this too: Ordenador. Would be more or less: "sorter" (implying that it does that to data). Very likely influenced by Perret's coined term translated to spanish

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