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I paste a previous comment of mine, from an old HN thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10947013 "RDF has no adoption. JSON is the winner. Let's try to understand why: Because JSON.parse() is instantly available on the client. On the contrary, RDF.parse() (or more precisely N3.parse()) is available on the client only if you use that obscure library I mentionned above. Noone knows the library, so noone uses the N3.parse(). Ok. End of discussion. Now my own feeling: RDF (and especially its N3 dialect) is the only description language I know of that serializes and deserializes graphs with no specific code, and has a good JS lib for client-side consumption. JSON (or XML, or any other tree descrption language) requires extra effort whenever you use it to serialize/deserialize/traverse a graph structure. That is why i think they suck. And that's why I prefer RDF/N3."

I think that there is more to it than just lacking a RDF.parse() function. The entire web of technologies surrounding RDF is just vastly more complicated and the formats themselves feel unnatural to people (in a way that JSON does not).

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