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That is a very good analysis/extrapolation. Two more characters to add to your way of seeing: those with chronic narcissism and poseurs. The way the world works is that the narcissist politician/'competitive game player' is that one step ahead, it takes you time to prove they have cheated. The biggest obstacle to you is believing they did cheat. Your brain is wired up to imagine such a thing as unimaginable. However these guys don't have the ability to empathise, that is something they pretend because they do not have the wiring to the frontal cortex that you have. You give them credit as equals yet a huge chunk of their brain function is missing. They game the system as they have no shame doing so.

The poseurs are those with all the gear but no idea. It takes them time to be accepted by your game playing clique, you may even put them through some hazing and initiation before they are accepted. They want to play the game but do not know the ins and outs. Therefore they become easy prey to believing what your narcissist game player tells them.

In politics the electorate is essentially entirely poseur. Most employees have no idea how to run a company even the one they work for, even if they have worked there for decades. So, why on election day does the uninformed, propagandized to masses get to have a say?

Invariably yet another narcissist gets into office, regardless of their political colours.

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