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With regard to the $1T platinum coin, sounds like more people should read "Man, Economy, and State" https://mises.org/library/man-economy-and-state-power-and-ma...

There is a lack of understanding around money and currency, and how they come to exist in an economy.

To be honest, lack of understanding about money and currency isn't particularly likely to be alleviated by reading a polemical tome by an anarcho-capitalist gold bug, unless it's a small subset of the reading you do with the objective of understanding how some of today's monetary systems most ardent opponents feel about it (probably paired with David Graeber for an equally extreme critical view of the monetary system from a different perspective and entirely different history of how currency came to exist...)

I can highly recommend Graeber (been working my way through 'Debt'). Not because he's right - I can't tell - but rather because his view interesting and quite different from what I'd heard before.

What specifically in that book is related to the $1T platinum coins idea? I haven't read it but I can't imagine it's particularly relevant: the platinum coins idea was merely a (hypothetical) legal maneuver that would have allowed Obama to sidestep Congress. It wouldn't have done anything unusual except that Congress wouldn't have voted to do it.

Frankly, a better understanding can be obtained from Understanding Modern Money by Randall Wray.

That book contains some policy prescriptions that you may or may not like, but regardless of that, it contains (a) a solid history of the development of money that is based more on actual history and sociology, rather than made-up stories, and (b) a solid and relatively plainly written introduction of how modern fiat money systems actually operate, without all the weaseling of terms you read elsewhere (e.g. "banks parking money in the central bank" is a pet peeve of mine).

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