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No bullshit policy (gandi.net)
23 points by cromulent on Apr 28, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

There's a law firm across the street from my office that has a "no dickheads" recruitment policy - http://www.hyneslawyers.com.au/why-hynes-lawyers-.html

Not dissimilar to 'Do No Evil', these are nice mantras that can garner media attention; just have to be sure they are actually implemented culturally in your company because otherwise you set yourself up for ridicule.

They may want to defend The Don't Be a Dick License (http://github.com/SFEley/candy/blob/master/LICENSE.markdown)

Five years ago I registered with them a wrong domain name, misspelled by my client. I asked them what could I do apart from registering the correct domain name this time, and they refounded my 12.54€ sending me a postal mail with a bank check. That was a good surprise for me, I will never go with another registrar.

"No Bullshit" but then they force you to remember some stupid GANDI-12317251 username that you can't change.

Ah man. I just started a Gandi account the other day when I needed a .it domain (and had been recommended). Definitely recommend then - the no bs stuff is real.

I'm waiting for a day when you can compete successfully for selling software projects with "No Bullshit Policy".

Actually, i think the day is already here , i am seeing quite a few software companies, small-to-medium sized, competing successfully by simply saying "We will provide better customer service".

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