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Go look at CNN's main instagram profile, and count how many posts are negative about Trump vs Clinton, respectively. I did not find a single negative post about Clinton, while numerous negative Trump posts. It is honestly astonishing to me that CNN could be so blatant about their bias. Nothing at all negative to report about Hillary when half the nation voted against her?

We're in dangerous false equivalency waters here. Just because CNN published something negative about Trump that doesnt mean they owe one negative story on Clinton.

Nor should how anyone voted affect CNNs reporting - if all they do is follow what people already believe then what's the point in journalism?

Whether they like it or not, Trump supporters are going to have to move on from Clinton. She doesn't matter any more, and CNN aren't going to be reporting on her. They'll be reporting, in depth, on everything Donald Trump does. As it should be.

CNN is definitely biased - but they are not lying, and they are not an org that just makes up all their news out of thin air - which is the issue here.

CNN: 'Trump is in New York today talking to potential candidates for Supreme Court, rumoured to be Ted Cruz'.

Fake News Site: "Trump's income taxes leaked, indicates he's worth over $1 Trillion dollars, and won a US Olympic Gold Medal while competing under fake name to avoid spotlight"

CNN loves selective editing.

See their editing of a victim's relative calling for people to riot and destroy suburbs vs. CNN's "victim calls for peace":


What is that other than a lie? And if we can't call it a lie, what's our standard for truth and reality?

That's not the only edit of theirs this this year. Of course they always correct themselves and "apologize" after the fact (or when they are caught), but they have remarkably poor standards for a news organization.

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