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SpaceX already runs Linux on their rockets; apparently near-real-time is good enough for that purpose.

Yes, I was saying why would you use Android instead of just bare Linux (as in Yocto). I doubt you will be writing an ADCS application in Java using a GUI.

Also, I think the Falcon 9 uses VxWorks for at least some of its realtime control: http://blogs.windriver.com/vxworks/2010/12/vxworks-helping-c...

http://lwn.net/Articles/540368/ doesn't mention VxWorks.

Looks like Dragon runs VxWorks, see under Flight Software.


Can anyone who works at SpaceX chime in?

That article also says

> One of the areas they focus on is scheduler performance. They do not have hard realtime requirements, but do care about wakeup latencies, he said.

It sounds like their hard real time controls are on non-Linux OSs.

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