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> people in the West have this idea that everyone not in the West is a dirty savage living in a mud hut.

Yes, very much. Now I've been moving around for 5 months my eyes are very much open to the reality.

People also thought I would be murdered on day 1, when in fact I have met many, many kind kind friendly people who have welcomed me into their home.

The culture of the West really does teach it's pupils they are the best, and everyone else is crap. The Media further enhances this idea.

I loved when I met a guy in a rural, poor part of Gambia - he said "Oh yeah, my brother lives in Australia. I was there for a few years. I came back here, I like it more".

Africa is not the hell-hole people think it is.

Let's not go too far in the other direction though. I live in Kenya and there are certainly some horrific aspects about living here. However, if you make at least a living wage and learn the rules of engagement you can live quite a balanced life

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