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Coming soon: Elon Prime

Pay 40k a year and get unlimited SpaceX Internet, a Tesla w/ free charging, and a complimentary flight/weekend stay at Solar City Space Hotel.

Who's in?

Honestly, I don't think I'd blink an eye at signing up for that. Space hotel trip alone is worth that!

In fact, that makes me seriously think about the ITS for earth orbit activities. Add a nice big docking port to connect it to a space station, and you've got yourself a relatively cheap reusable vehicle to fly a whole mess of people into LEO.

Virgin Galactic is charging 250k for their "some minutes in weightlessness" ride...

Clearly thats a a stepping onto something better... isn't it.

I mean the planes in the beginning could charge high rates for just flying someone in a circle, but today planes need to be fast, reliable, on time all while being cheap enough that most Americans can afford them.

Something erks me about how that all sounds VERY Facebook/Google -ish?

One organisation that provides our transportation, internet (which itself is gaming, information, communication, business, etc.), energy, and basically every facet of our lives. Google and Facebook are already trying to get closer to that...

Yep, we're back with conglomerates as we had them until a few decades ago. But I don't think this will last long. In a decade or so people will realize that specialized business earn more money and will force them to split up.

I think that it is the natural state of trying to build out a completely new product line (electric cars). They have to build out basically all of the infrastructure themselves at first (quality charging stations, power production to keep the utilities from overcharging their customers, batteries to vastly increase the supply, etc).

As the market matures, some of these businesses might be spun off.

Heck that's quite a deal on an MS or MX 100D lease.

And of course after that, Prime Plus which includes a lease on solar panels and home batteries.

Is there some kind of music service?

pay 40k per year to shop at the company store.

These are stepping stones to the future, they are not the future.

I'm waiting for: Optimus Prime

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