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A handful of years ago (~10) I was offered BTC (way before their $100+ value) and I think $75-200 for my 6 digit number. People used to sell Myspace UIDs as well, Facebook too before they converted to usernames.

Wow, I wonder who would pay such kind of money. I probably still have my old ICQ number/pwd in backups somewhere. I wonder if it is worth something.

In some states having a low license plate number is a status symbol. In Rhode island you can even put your license plate number in your estate to be willed to your heirs.


>In 1994, a Delaware resident paid $182,500 for plate number 9. In Rhode Island, two brothers went to court in 1983 over their late father's three-digit plate. In Massachusetts, a recent auction of low-numbered plates raised more than $1 million for the state's 9/11 fund.

Now that it's a deserted place I doubt it is worth much.

Well, another chance of being rich missed!

Depends on the uin. 5 digits where expensive (esp. mirrord ones, like 55155 or something). 6 digits were expensive if they matched some parttern (mirrors, xy, xyz etc).

I had (or might have even) a low 6 digit number, and I think I remember that 5-digit numbers were sold for much more than $200.

A few might have been sold for around $5000 or even more. I am not sure though... I just remember that it was an unbelievably high number....

Weird. I should have sold mine rather than throwing away the little scrap of paper I'd written it on.

10 years ago there was no bitcoins. Maybe 5-6 years ago, 7 tops.

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