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ICQ was huge in Germany and I was actively using it until 2011 or so, even to communicate with my supervisor at Uni. One year ago, there were still four people left in my list. Also, a good friend that I haven't talked to in 10 years used it to reconnect with me just last year. I wouldn't have her in my life today if ICQ shut down.

It has died down almost completely by now though, thanks to whatsapp, skype and hangouts. I still log on with pidgin and there is at least one person in my list that does the same.

I will never forget my ICQ number, it is burned into my brain forever.

I used to exclusively use Skype for talking to friends, but most stopped using it ~2 years ago.

I don't have a need for Whatsapp - although I hear it's super popular outside of the US.

Now I mainly use Google Hangouts, but I always feel like it's lacking and isn't as nice as Skype or other alternatives (for both messaging and video).

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