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You are perhaps not aware of Grindr.

Good point. But this was 15+ years ago, available to everybody, and was completely anonymous.

Forgive me if this is incredibly ignorant, but I thought this was targeted at the gay community?

Well, on this side of the fence it pretty much still works as OP described. Nothing has changed and you don't even need to be drunk!

Difference is, the gay community (or some subset of it that I don't know the size of) has always had it's quick hook up methods.

Nothing so comfortable you can use from your home. Of course the public parks in Berlin are still the other option, or just spending your night in Berghain.

There is still substantial reasons to be quick about it when you are out in public if you are gay, with exception for a few small geographical areas.

I'd still take that over meeting in bars and pretending to care for a few hours.

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