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Hey! I'm not sure if we ever talked, but I maintained Licq and did the rewrite when the protocol got switched to be like AIM.

I also wrote the initial Miranda ICQ plugin for the new protocol as well, I think that was back in 2002.

Just thought I'd say hey.

licq, thanks for that, scary thoughts how much of my life back then passed thru licq.

I'm still on ICQ, via pidgin. There's just 'me' these days, but I'm holding the fort. So there :-)

There is still one icq contact occasionally online for me! And I think I talked to a friend using icq less than three years ago ;)

Though with all the closing of networks these last years I sometimes neglect starting pidgin at all since I'll need some tabs open fore messaging regardless :(

I connect out of tradition, too. Nobody uses it anymore but damn it if I didn't have many contacts.

Memory lane, eh?

Wish I could get my 5-6 digit icq number back... long since lost to the ether...

Aah Licq ... so much memories in my head right now. Thanks for the great product.

Back in 2004 the only way to connect to my employer's ICQcorp server from Linux was by running miranda under wine!

Thanks for that.

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