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Imagine if you didn't have a youtube account and were using RSS feeds for particular channels. Would anyone do that if it were possible? Surely not! Nobody would prefer RSS feeds per channel that they were interested in, integrated into their existing feed reader.

What? It is possible, and it's exactly how I've been using YouTube for about a year. I don't have a YouTube account, I add the "Uploads" feed for each channel I'm interested in to my reader.

Then you're not actually subscribed to any channel, and you don't show up as a subscriber in their analytics.

That's one of the main reasons I use it that way. Aside from that, it's been a better experience than subscribing in YouTube, when I did that, there'd be a number next to the channels but I could never decipher exactly what it meant, it certainly wasn't just new uploads.

Then why did you make the remark about 'double subscribing'?

Also, there's a good reason for subscribing to channels: it actually help the channel creator because the subscriber number (which is what that number is) feeds into their algorithms regarding reach.

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