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I don't think this is anything new.

The feature they got rid of was a single RSS feed for all your subscriptions.

They've had per channel RSS feeds and OPML export since they got rid of that, I believe.

Yeah, I was confused as well, as I don't follow channels directly on YouTube, but via RSS, and I've been doing that for 5+ years, at least.

For the curious, you can add a channel via this URL:

And follow a user via:


I must be misremembering. From what I remember, I used to subscribe the RSS feeds per-channel, but then they all had posts saying this feature was going away, and then they stopped working. Did they just change the URL or something?

I agree, they got rid of the single feed for all subscriptions, and that per-channel rss thing has existed for a long time and wasn't removed at all, afaik.

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