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Show HN: JavaScript books, free online (exploringjs.com)
222 points by rauschma on Nov 15, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

I love these books! The author is an amazing writer. He also writes very high quality blog posts.

I've suggested Exploring ES6 to all my coworkers, and it's my go-to reference for when I need a more detailed explanation of something.

When I picked up Exploring ES6 I thought I already everything, but I actually learned about tons of features that hadn't gotten as much public attention. I'd strongly suggest everyone check it out, even if you just glance over the topics that catch your eye.

Dr. Rauschmayer also maintains one of the best blogs about Javascript http://www.2ality.com

(Full disclosure: I’m the author.)

Since you're the author, we put "Show HN" in the title, which is the convention when sharing your work on HN.

Cool, thanks for the help!

I bought this a few weeks ago, because it's that good and I had been mooching off the free online one for like a year.

I've come across many of your articles when looking up JavaScript stuff. That's a lot of books. Congrats!

At first I thought these books were not free-- and was a bit miffed. However, they are quite free in HTML form, and you may support the offer via LeanPub for offline purchase. So thank you too the author, these look like great resources and I will dig into them. When/If my checking account displays a positive number I will certainly consider purchasing. Thanks!

Thank you to the author. Amazing resources!

Great job! Thanks very much for sharing!

Wow! So much in ES6?! I've added a bookmark to the online version in my bookmarks toolbar.

Although I am sorry to day the digital version is just too costly. If it was cheaper like most of the books we get for kindle, I would have bought it immediately.

Is there a project to translate some of your books to french ? I would be pleased to contribute to this kind of projects (I am french and this looks like a good way to improve my javascript).

That's a great work! Thank you so much for sharing.

Anyone recommend a good JavaScript executrices or exams

Nice curation, thanks

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