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Webhook Tester (webhook.site)
127 points by fredsted on Nov 14, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 34 comments

Looks neat. Also see http://requestb.in/ in the same vein.

The full runscope product is really powerful too. I recommend anyone who does anything with HTTP add it to their toolbox. (I have no affiliation)

Thanks Patrick :)

From what I've seen so far, I much prefer RequestBin.

Use history.replaceState instead of pushState on the initial page load. Also, your first history state change is missing a / causing a second state change:



Edit: Fixed.

Another cool tool for testing HTTP in general is http://httpbin.org

Shameless plug: https://requesthub.xyz/

Let's you transform input data with jq and redirect the webhook to another endpoint. Kind of make-your-own Zapier.

Also featuring replays.

Nice! I've used hook.io for this in the past but yours looks much simpler.

Thank you.

The problem is that it is only good if you happen to know jq[1]. If you know a lot of jq you can do a lot of interesting things.

[1]: https://stedolan.github.io/jq/manual/

Related: http://www.ultrahook.com - a free webhoook to localhost setup to help testing things like stripe webhoooks locally.

Unaffiliated, just used recently and am big fan!

Also Ngrok: https://ngrok.com

I really like Ngrok because it also comes with a light-weight web client that lets you see requests and replay them. Replaying especially is huge for me when doing testing.

If you use Vagrant, "vagrant share" is built in. Very handy.

Another similar tool is https://testwebhooks.com/ which supports SSL connections.

Love the realtime updates. We made a similar tool (http://webhookinbox.com) because others weren't doing that yet. Always good to have options though!

Great work fredsted. I especially like how you can have multiple people use the same endpoint.

https://tailtub.com/ is a similar project I've been moonlighting on. It's a go binary and it's like Requestb.in but for stdin.

I wanted something where I didn't have to use a UI to start a stream. Your project and others like this I think are especially useful for giving API consumers more insight on what's happening to a resource after a record is queued (say after a HTTP 201).

Nice. I created https://logrequest.com, originally for my own use. Supports custom responses, ssl and cors which requestb.in didn't.

Looking at this thread there seems like a lot of similar (and better) tools so maybe I didn't look hard enough before deciding to hack something together :)

GET requests are coming through with 'content-length: 0' when that header was not sent.

Some other headers are not coming through, e.g. `te: gzip, deflate`

Otherwise, trying to use HTTPS instead of HTTP takes me to "Simon’s Filedump"

HTTPS should work now! (Thanks Letsencrypt!)

Another free/open source/easily deployable to Heroku alternative is Hookable:


Very cool! Note that your Laravel installation is in debug mode though.

When you make a request with a non-supported HTTP verb, you get the full Laravel error message back instead of just an empty 405.

Are you disallowing verbs on purpose?

Nice! Some services don't allow non-https URLs for the webhook even for development (slack...), so might be nice to support that. Let's Encrypt provides free SSL certs if you wanted to go that route.

+1 for another useful tool. My favorite for these use cases is http://mockbin.com. You can also define the response if so needed.

One thing I've wanted on tools like this is an API to query what requests have hit your particular endpoint which would be useful for unit testing applications which use webhooks.

On Chrome 54, on Windows 7, I have to refresh to see the web requests, which feels like it makes the flow much worse from a UX perspective.

I'm using Pusher, and it looks like I've hit their rate limit after I posted this. Whoops!

Reminds me of http://logvoo.com

Neat idea. I've used a 1-liner (just print) AWS lambda function in the past to test webhooks.

Auto-refresh on Chrome 54+ after added new url doesn't work

This is simple and super useful, thanks!



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