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I'm not really stuck on STV, per se. Whatever proportional voting system the US chooses is fine by me. However, I think that if RCV is adopted, STV would be a natural extension to that. Plus, something like STV (or Dion's P3, which I actually like a bit more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyLeClCrfgQ) is more likely to be adopted in the US, than say something like list-based voting, because Americans like to directly elect candidates from their districts.

But I do think STV is still far preferable to winner-take-all FPTP, where the winner may only represent 35-40% of the voters in a given district, or even RCV, where the winner may represent 50%+1 to ~55% of the voters in a district, which is obviously better, but it's still less preferable to being 3-5 winners in a larger district and from 3-5 parties, whereas RCV would still mostly allow the two main parties to rule, with some exceptions in a few districts.

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