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If you live in either SF or NYC, I'm happy to go out for coffee and a conversation some time. I can't promise we'll be best friends, but we can sure have a try ;)

I appreciate that, zemvpferreira. I'm in Denver, though. Thanks for the offer.

I'm also in my 30s, in Denver and struggling with the same problem. I moved to Denver 2 months ago and realized something rather painful - I haven't actually made new friends in over a decade. It's always been difficult and I've been comfortable with a few folks I am close with. The problem is now they're not here and I just can't seem to take the next step with people I meet and move past the acquaintances stage. Anyway, if you'd like to meet sometime for coffee or something let me know. I'd be happy to chat :)

Thanks, sakopov. How do I contact you?

I'm also in Denver and happy to meet up. My email is in my profile. (Anyone reading this is welcome to email me too.)

Hey there, my email is on my HN user profile page.

Also in Denver! Would be thrilled to hang out with any fellow HN folks. E-mail in profile :)

The email field in your profile is private. Add your email to the "About" field for others to see it.

Learned something new, fixed thanks!

You're in a city! Good news for you -- that means you're halfway there!

There are a lot of people in that city! Do you enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons? Finding or starting a Dungeons and Dragons group is great way to make long-term friends. It's how I made my group of local friends that I can count on for anything, and I'm nowhere near a city.

edit: Also, let me add something. I used to live in Sunnyvale. Lots of people everywhere, almost like a city. And I'm extremely extroverted, probably the most extroverted tech people I know. But I was depressed. Clinically depressed. Lexapro helped. It saved my marriage and possibly my life. Go see a psychiatrist.

Which part of Sunnyvale was that? Honestly all of my South Bay memories are being outside and hardly seeing another person.

Sunnyvale and MV do have lots of strangers in the small downtown strips, but that's just 2 blocks; San Jose has the inverse where the area near SJCC is always empty but people are in a circle around it. Maybe.

This may or may not help you at all, try augmenting short winter days with a very bright sunlight spectrum lamp. It's no substitute for a nice coffee with friends, but it can still help keep energy levels up.

I lived in Denver for 2 years. I love the city, but it was actually pretty hard to make friends there. I met some random people in the gym that my wife and I hung out with some, but they became nothing more than acquaintances. I'm sure it didn't help that both my wife and I work from home, but it was one of the driving reason why we left Denver.

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