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>Trump has said he will ban all Muslims entering the USA. That is discrimination on the grounds of religion.

Not really. It's only discrimination if Trump applies it to every Muslims. But Trump doesn't apply it to every Muslims.

Trump said he will temporary ban immigrants (they don't even have to be Muslim) from countries with direct ties to terrorism, until they can be properly vet. This is not discrimination against Muslims because Trump has no problem with Muslims who are U.S. citizens and Trump has no problem with Muslims who are from countries that are fighting against ISIS.

>He has repeatedly made disrespectful comments about women based on their appearance. That is sexism.

If you're talking about Miss Universe... It was not sexism.

Trump was preemptively defending Miss Universe from the incoming media. The media was going to have a field day with her when she shows up at the Miss Universe 60 pounds overweight. She didn't understand that the media was about to hang her out to dry. Trump knew what was going to happen, so he invited the media over, and called the reporters fat, and Trump even called himself fat, and tells everyone that being fat is normal, so that the reporters can not call her fat (because they will look like hypocrites). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpXsAoXZIMg

CNN then proceeded to call her fat anyway. http://archive.is/jHaEh

Afterward, she backs-tabbed him, even though they wanted to fire her and he saved her ass. https://i.sli.mg/8gzCQX.jpg

She is not a good person. She threaten to kill a judge, and involved in the gateway driving of a murder. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2016/09/28/miss-univers...

>...questioned their ability to do their job based on whether they're on their Period.

This have no factual evidence. Not only that, he had done many things to help empowered women. For example, he was the first to let a woman be in charge of building a skyscraper building. That was unheard of during the 80's.

He also admit that a female worker with skills and abilities is worth more than 10 male workers.

>Women have corroborated his own claims and have stated that it was unwelcome.

No evidence. Trump either had never even met those people before, or they just want their 15 minute of fame, or were being paid by his opponents. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f8d_1478953280

>The idea that non-protest counts as consent is massively dangerous especially if one party has all the power and if the contact in question has already happened and finished.

Trump said they let him grab their pussy. Emphasis on the THEY LET part. That's consent.

All these are just election smears. The typical election smears that you see every election years, as rivals tries to make their opponents look as bad as possible.

None of these are even important, as the election result have shown. Voters are not stupid. They care more about jobs, security, and health issues than these smears.

Hillary was so focus on the smearing Trump that she forgot about what the voters actually cares about. And that's why she lost.

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