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You used the phrase "threat to society" several times.

The phrase implies a moral basis. What is your moral basis for determining what is a threat to society?

Who is entitled to define what is a "threat to society"?

Throughout history there have been many immoral governmental oppressions justified by some ruler's own definition of "threat to society", which many of the ruled people at the time were convinced to believe.

I just used the word "immoral". As I said, this requires a basis. What is morality? Clearly it is not "what the majority of society believe in". The beliefs of society can and do change over time and circumstances. Does this mean that what is moral changes over time? If you say it does, I will say "then that is not morality".

The basis for morality cannot be your own beliefs. Nor can it be the beliefs of a majority of "society". The only true and reliable basis for morality must be the character of the one true, just, righteous and unchanging eternal God, he whose name is "I AM WHO I AM".

I am entitled to argue that something is a threat to society. You are entitled to attempt a rebuttal.

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