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Docker in Production for 18 Months (convox.com)
9 points by nzoschke on Nov 11, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Been using convox across 2 startups for many many months. I have never once encountered docker-specific problems. Usually it's my mistake which the convox team is always helpful with[1]. I can say Noah, David and the team know what they are doing and I can't imagine DIY-ing the convox management and tooling layer.

Seriously, I'm using Docker for development AND production and I don't see the problems the other rants are talking about. And they talk as if it's a daily occurrence.

If you're already using AWS, give them a try. Painless & contained install-uninstall operations too[2].

[1] https://convox-public.slack.com [2] https://convox.com/docs/installing-a-rack/

Author here. This is collected from notes/comments I've had on some of the other "Docker In Production" articles on HN over the past week.

I love the discussion we having going on here. It's how we figure all this out together.

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