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No, I replied right on point. Let me spell it out:

1. No "favorable conditions" to slavery means Stowe never recognised advantages to slavery. Not only he does not, but he laments it despite those "favorable conditions".

2. Hale didn't excuse the courts; he actively supported their work. That is, until he decided he didn't want to. Later commentators on the trials mark this as the defining moment that helped turn public opinion against the prosecutions.

To sum up my point, read your history.

Uhh, Stowe is Harriet Beecher Stowe, so "he" ought to be "she". Because this is HN, I'll assume good intent and presume this is just a slip and doesn't indicate your lack of familiarity with the material you're discussing.

First of all:

> Let me spell it out

> read your history

Seems pretty aggressive to me. If you are refuting these points, why not include all relevant information?

But in any case, the second point (that Hales work didn't end the witch trials) you only just make here, and the first you clarify.

Nice try, but it's really the same things in both comments.

In your head?

If you don't have the necessary context, I can't help.

You can't help? By providing that context?

Precisely. There are literal stacks of books on these matter, and I can't condense a single one of them in a HN post more than providing the facts. If you're interested, you're going to have to read them. It's dreadful, I know.

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