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What does it matter how many you write? How many do you delete?

I have a project that is 5k lines of code and roughly 11k of tests and specs(cucumber). It is a rewrite of a project that was 50k lines of code with 1.2k lines of tests and had less functionality and features than what it does now.

Lines of code are meaningless when it comes to how much value they provide. I personally prefer when a codebase is smaller because it means some thought was put into it and most likely has less bugs as a result.

I believe jblows games (braid, the witness) have less lines of code than one would typically expect. I think you should assume hes not writing code like a government contractor.

upvote for government contractor, I once saw 5k lines of code for simple change of address in the front end alone !!!

I said shipping code, by which I specifically mean that which is left after all deletions (of which there are many).

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