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Check out the "Deepmath" paper linked above. (The paper is from a few months ago, the source code is new IIUC.)



(edit) I still don't see any rationale for the theorem prover kernel re-implementation. Again, pointers appreciated.

HOL is written in OCaml. The likely answer is because integrating OCaml and TensorFlow would be painful -- and OCaml isn't one of the languages Google supports internally [1]. Probably was easier to reimplement than to try to do all the contortions needed to use it in this context.

(I work part time on the Brain team, but I haven't asked the authors about this -- this is a best guess based upon knowing TF, not an informed statement.)

[1] https://www.quora.com/Which-programming-languages-does-Googl...

My bet is on concurrency optimizations

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