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I think there's a really interesting point brought up between Blender's UI and this 'pro' conundrum that's been going on lately.

How do we design effective UI's for 'pro' users?

At what point is an application 'pro' enough that it requires a couple hours and some video tutorials or a user's manual to actually get a sense of how the tool works, versus how much effort should be put in on the developer's part to make it 'intuitive'?

Interfaces in "pro" apps are not necessarily complicated, but there's often an impetus to expose more functionality rather than hide things because professionals are more demanding and are willing to put in the time to learn if they see some benefit.

Consider what your aspiring aviator sees: http://i.imgur.com/bRmpbjg.jpg

You can dumb that down, but you put people in danger if you do. Burying rarely used things beneath a layer of abstraction is fine in the case of consumer software, but for a pro that might be a huge hassle, or even a dangerous liability in the case of a plane. Engines don't catch on fire often, but if the controls to shut them down involve six tedious steps (Preferences, Engines, Advanced, Shut-Down, Next, Confirm) instead of one quick tug of a lever that could be disaster.

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