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Hy (wikipedia.org)
70 points by tosh on Nov 7, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I love Hy. I played around with it 3 years ago. Development has been super active since then: https://github.com/hylang/hy

Don't know if it's still the case, but the Hy project had the most puns I've seen in one repo. In a good way.

Here are two previous discussions:




* Runs anywhere Python does

* Uses Python's ecosystem

* LISP consistency and functionality


* As slow as Python


I love Hy. When I want a portable LISP, or get incredibly frustrated with Python's arbitary limitations (lambda), I use Hy.

Unfortunately, never had it fit a large project, so I use it like scsh.

I do not agree that Hy has "LISP [sic] consistency and functionality". The code visually resembles Lisp but consists of ugly hackery under the hood.

Straight from the doc:

"In some Lisp variants, the cons cell is the fundamental building block, and S-expressions are actually represented as linked lists of cons cells. This is not the case in Hy, as the usual expressions are made of Python lists wrapped in a HyExpression. However, the HyCons mimics the behavior of “usual” Lisp variants thusly:

  * (cons something nil) is (HyExpression [something])
  * (cons something some-list) is ((type some-list) (+ [something] some-list))
(if some-list inherits from list) [... etc]"

Basically, yikes!


* Has cute mascot. I love Cuddles the Cuttlefish. :)

This looks great. The compactness reminds me of Arc, with the bonus of having all of python's libs.

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