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A few things I noticed in the live demo:

- The console isn't there unless you open it manually, at which point it overlays the panels. To me one of the main benefits of an OFM is that you have a console always available as well as the panels (from which you can pick file names or paths (Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+[, Ctrl+]). If I want only one or the other I'd use Explorer and cmd instead of Far.

- The context menu (curiously opened with F9, which normally triggers the application menu of the OFM, from which you can access settings, view options, etc.) is not usable with the keyboard, which kinda defeats its purpose in such a tool.

- Bulk selection keys Num+ and Num- don't work, although they are documented.

- Alt+Left/Right is perhaps not the best idea for a hotkey in a browser. Sometimes it performs its intended function, when pressed in the wrong panel it instead performs the browser's function for going around the history. I'd say either find better hotkeys or always disable the browser's function, instead of contextual.

- Page↑/Page↓ curiously move less than a page, which means when pressing Page↓ with the cursor at the top, the list doesn't scroll.

- When using a keyboard layout where `/~ is a dead key (e.g. US International), the dead key will remain active for the first key pressed in the console, leading to things like à instead of a. This may not be circumventable from within a web application, but perhaps a better hotkey can be chosen instead to make up for the deficiencies of handling input in web applications. This issue also would go away once the console is always there instead of having to be toggled.

- The feedback button in the live demo doesn't work.

Thank you for such a detailed commentary.

- Yes, there is such thing: console opens on a modal, but it would not be changed in the nearest future in Cloud Commander, anyways console(https://github.com/cloudcmd/console) could be used independently to build a fork from cloudcmd dependencies which are mostly located on npm. I can help with it but I have no time to do it myself. It is a good idea about picking file names or paths (Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+[, Ctrl+]). Actually you already can paste path to current directory with Ctrl + P, but using this hotkeys would be more convenient.

- You right about menu. It is a simplest possible component https://github.com/coderaiser/menu-io, anyways it could be improved, pull requests are welcome.

- Num+ and Num- and Alt+Left/Right fixed in v5.7.6 (https://github.com/coderaiser/cloudcmd/releases/tag/v5.7.6)

- I can not reproduce Page↑/Page↓ bug, maybe it is related to screen size? What screen resolution do you have?

- I'll think about dead key, looks like it should be handled separately.

- It is strange, I can't reproduce feedback button bug either. What browser and OS do you have? Could you look at Network Panel and Console of Developer Tools of your browser? Is there something red?

I'm sorry to not being able to help out with pull requests. My grasp of JavaScript isn't good enough and work leaves me with little time to devote to other projects, sadly. I hope a bit of input from a bit of a usability perspective is still welcome, though :-)

As for Page↑/Page↓: 1680×1050 here. Could reproduce it in both Firefox and Chrome.

As for dead keys: It may require rethinking input handling, depending on how you're doing it currently. Input is usually on two different levels: Key presses and text input. While you usually cannot reliably turn the former into text and cannot get a pressed key from the latter (could also have been an IME or multiple keypresses), you usually should be able to handle a key press (for opening the console) and not have it result in state changes for text input handling (which would be required for input on the console).

Feedback button now works, but didn't for me when I wrote that comment either on Firefox or Chrome on Windows 10. I didn't consider checking the dev tools, though, sorry. But seems to be resolved now.

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