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I haven't looked, so I have no idea whether I agree or disagree, but I don't actually care - it's low value comments like these that discourage people from sharing their work with the world. I would much rather live in a world where sharing was easier rather than harder.

I concur :) As mentioned, in the short term it was either no source or release it as is. I'll try to release cleaner versions over time.

I am looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, I think the stuff you did there is impressive and I can't imaging where it gets when you have a proper source code with people contributing.

I would start with putting header guards in the files and remove the f_xxxx_ from your file (e.g. advanced-renamer can do that for you). Another suggestion would be to put everything the .exe needs into the "bin"-folder, currently your .exe loads some shader from your "src"-folder (or I did something wrong). I would also make a "third-party" folder in "src" and put all third-party stuff in there (also the LodePNG, zlib and bullet stuff in your main.cpp).

Agreed - lots of strange source organization in there. At this point I would organize it much better than I had. :)

Kudos for just releasing instead of handwringing over anthing more complicated. I find that it's surprisingly hard to do!

It was!

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