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I've just redone this setting GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_AUTHOR_DATE so that it'll reflect the proper author and date, giving a nicer looking history.

This also means I did a force push, so if anyone checked it out with the intent of using it, then you should start over.

(also, i posted this again before it had finished pushing. give it a few minutes)

and yet again, it looks like i didn't have all the archives when i did this. only some of them. I'm going to attempt to do this again with all the files from the torrent but i suspect github won't take such a large archive.

So once I have all the archives, it ends up 2.4gb. Github won't take that without contacting them or paying for it, so for now I've uploaded it onto my own server. I'll make a gpg signature if anyone cares.


    md5sum  9383b6a5962b474de5eac9ab35d7eeb1  voxelquest-git.tar.xz
    sha1sum  ae051d42fe40037a13efd7a1c591b70f37e6aecb  voxelquest-git.tar.xz
    sha256sum  1e995a2c2533e5ae3f84c82bbb170d217d1a9b3cf834f837723109439b5bb99e  voxelquest-git.tar.xz
    sha512sum  496821b6938e65fd452d50855abf70171409cdac9a200873f65760c4e9b2d163b64e9e523fc54b8093bbbe923a42e61e3a4c7244e12d64a97b22b8c28d0710ab  voxelquest-git.tar.xz

Awesome, thanks. If you need any money to support the server, let me know. I can also buy you the required github plan if the price isnt outrageous. :)

I wouldn't worry about it. I dont expect many people to fetch it and I have 1tb of bandwidth per month on that server. I hardly use any of it.

edit: 3tb actually, must have had it upgraded and not noticed.

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