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Right. This "don't Dockerize databases" thing is truly just bizarre. It almost in a way seems intentionally antagonistic to make Docker seem less capable than it is. After all, who wants to use something that only works for some applications? And the fact of the matter is that Docker is just a fancy way to run a process. Bind-mounted host directory volumes are one of the most fundamental features available for Docker. The truth of the matter is that Docker can be a complex beast. And what ends up happening is that often people only understand a small part of Docker features they're using. And then they complain about problems with Docker when what they really need to do is go read the documentation. Not all problems with Docker are like this, of course, but the vast majority of complaints that I see (and I see a lot of them from being part of the open source community for over three years now) come from people that don't fully understand the features of Docker they're trying to use. Getting Docker going is dead simple, and people fall into the trap of thinking that's all there is, when Docker is a damn deep technical subject.

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