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Creating assets for voxel games can be a bit challenging. I wonder what they came with to solve this problem.

Aside from the sprites, which are 2D pixel art I bought from a third party, everything is generated algorithmically. You can find many examples of people doing this kind of algorithmic generation, sometimes to great effect, on shader toy (i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMpG6qEb8js) and other places. I went down the path of procedural generation simply because I am not a great artist, and generating these assets by hand would have been pretty much impossible (given that they are volumentric and contain millions of unique voxels).

For technical people, I find this method of generating art to be quite empowering. If you can describe things in logical/mathematical terms, you can generate whatever your mind can think up. It generally is not going to win over a skilled artist for most applications, but even traditional pipelines often employ many procedural techniques.

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