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The PDF [0] is a bit of a grab bag and not as nicely organized as I would have expected from the past landscapes they've produced.

It's likely this coming from a less technical perspective but roboadvisors like Betterment or Wealthfront are not really examples of machine intelligence. Their whitepapers describe the techniques they use to craft their portfolios [1]. At best they use optimization on a predictive model, but it seems highly likely that they have manual input. They create a set of recommendations and execute them for you. There isn't much learning, data mining, or automated processing from data happening there.

The "Agent Enabler" section seems like its trying to get at foundational reinforcement learning companies but isn't self consistent with the examples provided.

They left companies like the Allen Institute and DeepMind off the research section.

It's easy to go on, but I think they need a technical editor next time :)

[0] https://hbr.org/resources/pdfs/hbr-articles/2016/11/the_stat... [1] https://research.wealthfront.com/whitepapers/portfolio-revie...

Go check out their past investments. It's a joke even by SV standards. It further highlights that they don't have anyone technical on hand that can point out obviously bad ideas. E.g. Gigster.

Gigster can't even filter out all of the bad customers that Godaddy intentionally sends their way. Every additional bad customer costs them in time, money and reputation. Yet they have the gall to claim they're AI powered. Amatures.

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