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HN RFC: critique/break v1 of my app, Supermailer (a simple mailing list service) (pearachute.com)
5 points by japherwocky 2315 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

You should provide an alternative to the "reply to confirm" over http. Just a link with the same secret. I find it easier to click those than to reply via mail, since I'm back at the originating application after I've clicked the link.

Think I found a bug. After I received the "All set!" email I got this message when trying to create a list: "Please reply to the confirmation email we sent you. Only verified email accounts can create a list. "

So, I'm basically unable to test the full application. But I loved what I've seen so far. More people should use minimalistic interfaces like this for their applications.

I just backed out some changes, which should take care of that, what an embarassing bug!

Sending a link in an email is definitely in my tracker as a feature to be added. Thanks for checking it out.

You need to explain on the front page why I'd want to signup. List some features, give some info. What does it do? What makes it great? Why should I bother?

Thanks for the feedback, that helps me gather up Qs for a FAQ.

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