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Nominet R&D | Oxford or London, UK | Full-Time | ONSITE | http://www.nominet.uk/ http://www.nominet.uk/researchblog/

Nominet is most famous for being the .uk internet registry. We are a public benefit company and through the Nominet Trust we provide funding and support to people who are using technology as a force for social good.

We also do applied research and build new products focussed around the internet infrastructure of the future.

Nominet's R&D team are looking for engineers to help develop products in the IoT and radio communications spaces. For example we're currently driving adoption of TV Whitespace (http://www.nominet.uk/researchblog/getting-started-tv-white-...) and using it for conservation projects and to provide broadband in rural areas in both the UK and Africa. These are R&D roles - you need to be happy working with uncertainty!

Software Engineer - Java, Maths/Science/RF background. Bonus: Javascript, linux devops.

DevOps Engineer - AWS, Docker, SQL, Puppet, CI management. Bonus: Java would be a huge plus.

Interview consists of a phone chat followed by two face to face interviews (in either Oxford or London) with a coding challenge in between.

david.simpson@nominet.uk if you're interested.

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